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---> Total 30 different levels.
---> FPP mode to give immersive experience to player.
---> User friendly controls to give comfort to the user.
---> Very cool sound effects.


---> Click the game button on the menu screen and it will take you to levels screen.
---> At the begining only one level is available for you to play, and next level will be available after completing the previous level.
---> Click on the level you want to play, and the level will be loaded for you.
---> First see the timer and then click the start button to start the level.
---> In a level you will be in a maze at the centre of the maze, and you need to find a way to get out of the maze.
---> At the same time, you will see a joystick on the screen, and at left bottom the buttons "L" for left turn & "R" for right turn and at the right bottom you will see a arrow buttons for front, back, left, right movements of the player.
---> While finding a way out of the maze you can see the map by clicking map button on the right side of the screen to see where you are and what is the way. You need to watch an ad everytime you press the map button.
---> Each level has different time limits to complete the maze, so you need to hurry...
---> You can pause the game at any time while you are in a maze and you can go to menu from the level.
---> On the menu screen, you can go to options by clicking it, and you can change music and sound settings for the game.
---> On the menu screen, you can check the privacy policy of this game by clicking privacy policy button.
---> On the meny screen, at the bottom left corner of the screen, you can find a reset button to reset the game and then you can play from the very beginning. So be careful with that, and thats why we put that on the corner, so that no one can touch it by mistake.
---> After completing the final level, you can reset the game and play again from the begining.
---> And the other things i hope you are aware of them...


maze ultimate.apk 29 MB

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